NBT EVO ID4 -> ID6 Hardware
Upgrade the RAM from 2GB to 4GB to support all the native functions of ID6 headunits. Otherwise the unit may reboot and have software glitches.
NBT EVO ID4 -> ID6 Software
Update the software running on the headunit from ID4 to ID6 to support all native functions like Carplay.
Adding the GPS chip and port to EVO headunit and remove the need to adding a telematics (ATM) unit to the car. All functions work like factory.
NBT EVO Boot fix
Corrupted memory? Unit doesn't boot? Always restarting or stuck? We got you covered. We fix all boot issues with those headunits.
EntryEvo (EntryNav2) FSC
We fix all the entrynav2 (EntryEvo) FSCs. Component protection, Carplay, maps...
HDD / SSD Replacement
Replacement of damaged HDD/SSD or upgrade from HDD to SDD on headunit.
Devices we repair
BMW NBT Evo / NBT Headunits
PCB repair, damaged traces, HDD/NAND/NOR replacements, failed or water damaged components. Damaged ports.
BMW Telematics
Water damaged telematic boards, modem and sim swaps. Combox, TCB, ATM1.
BMW FRM Footwell module
Corrupted MCU, short circuits, water damage. All FRM versions.